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How the NLP Meta Model Transforms Distorted Beliefs that Cause Stress: Real Life Examples from a Current Online Student

The NLP Meta Model is a systematic way of asking questions to get more and more specific answers. A product of neuro-linguistic programming training, the Meta Model serves as the foundation for gathering information during conversation. The companion to the Meta Model is the Milton Model, which is commonly taught in hypnotherapy training. Meagan Martin,…

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This Alternative to Staying Positive Works Better

[easy-social-share] Staying positive lately? You don’t need to. In this post: • How positive thinking backfires on some. • The alternative to staying positive 24/7. • Three-step thought experiment you can try. Some people believe staying positive 24/7 is healthy, but they’re wrong. Since Normal Vincent Peal’s Power of Positive Thinking, we’ve been inundated with…

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