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erkek kıyafetleri giyerek insanları eğlendiren, şarkı söyleyen, dans eden kadın gösterici
drag king
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Phonetic: "/dɹæɡ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: Resistance of the air (or some other fluid) to something moving through it.

Example: When designing cars, manufacturers have to take drag into consideration.

Definition: (foundry) The bottom part of a sand casting mold.

Definition: A device dragged along the bottom of a body of water in search of something, e.g. a dead body, or in fishing.

Definition: A puff on a cigarette or joint.

Definition: Someone or something that is annoying or frustrating, or disappointing; an obstacle to progress or enjoyment.

Example: Travelling to work in the rush hour is a real drag.

Definition: A long open horse-drawn carriage with transverse or side seats.

Definition: Street, as in 'main drag'.

Definition: The scent-path left by dragging a fox, or some other substance such as aniseed, for training hounds to follow scents.

Example: to run a drag

Definition: A large amount of backspin on the cue ball, causing the cue ball to slow down.

Definition: A heavy harrow for breaking up ground.

Definition: A kind of sledge for conveying heavy objects; also, a kind of low car or handcart.

Example: a stone drag

Definition: The bottom part of a flask or mould, the upper part being the cope.

Definition: A steel instrument for completing the dressing of soft stone.

Definition: The difference between the speed of a screw steamer under sail and that of the screw when the ship outruns the screw; or between the propulsive effects of the different floats of a paddle wheel.

Definition: Anything towed in the water to retard a ship's progress, or to keep her head up to the wind; especially, a canvas bag with a hooped mouth (drag sail), so used.

Definition: A skid or shoe for retarding the motion of a carriage wheel.

Definition: Motion affected with slowness and difficulty, as if clogged.

Definition: Witch house music.

Definition: The last position in a line of hikers.

Definition: (aerodynamics) The act of suppressing wind flow to slow an aircraft in flight, as by use of flaps when landing.

Definition: A push somewhat under the centre of the cue ball, causing it to follow the object ball a short way.

Definition: A device for guiding wood to the saw.

Definition: A mailcoach.

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Phonetic: "/dɹæɡ/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To pull along a surface or through a medium, sometimes with difficulty.

Example: Let's drag this load of wood over to the shed.

Definition: To move onward heavily, laboriously, or slowly; to advance with weary effort; to go on lingeringly.

Example: Time seems to drag when you’re waiting for a bus.

Definition: To act or proceed slowly or without enthusiasm; to be reluctant.

Definition: To draw along (something burdensome); hence, to pass in pain or with difficulty.

Definition: To serve as a clog or hindrance; to hold back.

Definition: To move (an item) on the computer display by means of a mouse or other input device.

Example: Drag the file into the window to open it.

Definition: (chiefly of a vehicle) To unintentionally rub or scrape on a surface.

Example: The car was so low to the ground that its muffler was dragging on a speed bump.

Definition: To hit or kick off target.

Definition: To fish with a dragnet.

Definition: To search for something, as a lost object or body, by dragging something along the bottom of a body of water.

Definition: To break (land) by drawing a drag or harrow over it; to harrow.

Definition: To search exhaustively, as if with a dragnet.

Definition: To roast, say negative things about, or call attention to the flaws of (someone).

Example: You just drag him 'cause he's got more money than you.

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Phonetic: "/kɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A male monarch; a man who heads a monarchy. If it's an absolute monarchy, then he is the supreme ruler of his nation.

Example: Henry VIII was the king of England from 1509 to 1547.

Definition: A powerful or majorly influential person.

Example: Howard Stern styled himself as the "king of all media".

Definition: Something that has a preeminent position.

Example: In times of financial panic, cash is king.

Definition: A component of certain games.

Definition: A king skin.

Example: Oi mate, have you got kings?

Definition: A male dragonfly; a drake.

Definition: A king-sized bed.

Definition: A male person.

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Phonetic: "/kɪŋ/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To crown king, to make (a person) king.

Definition: To rule over as king.

Definition: To perform the duties of a king.

Definition: To assume or pretend preeminence (over); to lord it over.

Definition: To promote a piece of draughts/checkers that has traversed the board to the opposite side, that piece subsequently being permitted to move backwards as well as forwards.

Definition: To dress and perform as a drag king.

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